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For over 20 years at Déménagement Éxperience, we have definitely lived through every possible scenario and have been learning and perfecting every step of the way. We have been leading Montreal’s moving companies with recommendations and reviews and have been taking care of our customers since day one.
At Déménagement Éxperience, we guaranty a great professional service at a very competitive price with no surprises (at least not bad ones) and no price changes. We promise to listen to your requests and questions and pay attention to your needs. We also commit to greeting you on the day of your move with a smile and make sure your moving day unfolds better than you thought was possible. Whether moving across the street or to the next province, Déménagement Éxperience guarantees 100% satisfaction.
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Our Training Facilities

Our new employees go through what we call a Proper Moving Technique Training (PMTT) which is a two week course on hands on techniques held by two senior instructors. Theses trainees will learn the proper methods for packing, wrapping, lifting, carrying and loading furniture. As a customer, you will never see an inexperienced mover. Even our newly hired employees with 10 years of experience are required to go through our training.
After their training, employees are required to pass a two step exam. One written part consisting of 100 questions on the company’s ethics and a second part consisting of 40 points on techniques. Trainees with a perfect score will get a chance to be part of our teams while the others will go back to training.

Full packing service

Whether you take advantage of our professionals or decide to take care of your packing yourself, Déménagement Éxperience offers packing advice and materials. Do it yourself packing material kits are available as well as do it yourself videos online tutorials, both designed to make your life easier. We can also deliver any packing material deals to your residence anytime before your moving date.
Déménagement Éxperience packing service allows your family to live without downtime or a cluttered house. Our experts arrive at your residence prior to your moving date and do it all for you! All your contents will be insured.
P.S. We also offer home entertainment setups as well as all your IT needs, so be sure to ask our representatives for any help needed. At Montreal Moving Plus, we do it all!
By following all of these steps mentioned above, Déménagement Éxperience always assures an excellent service. Because a well planned move with strategic execution is always a successful one!


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